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scorpsik ([personal profile] scorpsik) wrote2009-05-04 09:40 am

Hello...some art

Erm... I'm no good at blogging an' that kind of thing.... but I do paint veeery frequently. Ok... obssessively.
Aside from regular RL portraits and caricatures, I do ahell of a lot of Farscape art.

Here isanew one
"Do You KnowWho I Am?" featuring my fave character, Sikozu (wonderfully portrayed by the astoundingly friendly Raelee Hill)

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[personal profile] misaditas 2009-05-04 10:03 am (UTC)(link)
That's... really, really big actually! LOL.

I already commented on TF, but it's still so gorgeous. And I still love that top left one. It's a very River pose (I've been watching Firefly lately) and I could see Raelee in that role.